High Temp Downhole Instrumentation Cables (TEC)

150°C - 538°C (302°F - 1000°F)


Global Tube Wire (gtwTEC.com) manufactures a variety of cables for high temperature applications. Our high temperature product line includes downhole thermocouple cables, single conductor instrumentation cables, and multi-conductor instrumentation cables.

Our downhole instrumentation cable is 0.160” diameter with a wall thickness of 0.030” which means that our cable has superior crush resistance compared to all 0.125” high temperature cables and better tensile strength ratings. Our products are well suited for pump down or pulled-through coiled tubing applications.

Most of our thermocouple cables are mica-free and not prone to moisture wicking. Each cable has two thermocouple points which can be spaced apart to measure temperature at different distances. Each thermocouple cable is manufactured to exact length requirements and is perfectly hermetically sealed / welded shut in a factory setting. Each thermocouple cable has a safe handling section for brazing multiple cables together for pull through coiled tubing applications. Thermocouple cables can be manufactured in lengths up to 4,000 meters.

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