• Global Tube Wire (gtwTEC.com) manufactures a variety of High Temp Downhole Instrumentation Cables.

    Perfect for coil tubing deployment and suspended
    application. Pictured Global Tube Wire
    Thermocouples deployed in coil tubing.

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  • e-Slickline: Global Tube Wire (gtwTEC.com) manufactures 0.160" OD conductor e-Slickline instrumentation cables with outstanding tensile strength:

    • Eliminate the need for grease injection equipment
    • Faster run times
    • Various conductor packages available
    • Compatible with Warrior and other e-line telemetry systems and downhole cameras

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  • Let Global Tube Wire (gtwTEC.com) quote your next downhole instrumentation (TEC) requirement!

    • Various temperature ratings available
    • Encapsulated or bare cables.
    • Multi-Conductor

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e-Slickline Cable                                        

(Conductor Slickline)
Global Tube Wire has developed the ultimate cable format for suspended downhole instrumentation applications. 

Hi-Temp Downhole Cables                                

150°c - 538°c (302°F - 1000°F)
Global Tube Wire manufactures a variety of cables for high temperature applications. 

Permanent Downhole
Gauge Cable

Tubular Encapsulated Cable (TEC)
Global Tube Wire has engineered an innovative form which combines the benefits of impact / crush resistance and flexible form that permits suspended applications.

Global Tube Wire


Global Tube Wire (gtwTEC.com) manufactures cold formed and welded shut downhole instrumentation cables primarily for use in the oil and gas industry where metal to metal pressure sealing, tensile strength, crush and collapse ratings are important. Our products are installed in thousands of oil and gas wells around the world for a variety of different applications including: Permanent Downhole Monitoring, e Slickline Service, and Extreme High Temperature Applications. Our product is suitable for both shallo, deep wells and for most corrosive environments.

Coil tubing downhole thermocouple bundle

Global Tube Wire Products Include:

  • Single Conductor Downhole Instrumentation Cables (TEC)
  • Multi Conductor Downhole Instrumentation Cable (TEC)
  • Encapsulated Downhole Instrumentation Cable (TEC)
  • e-Slickline (Conductor Slickline)
  • Downhole Thermocouple Cables
  • High Temperature Application Cables
  • Depth Marked Cables for Suspended Applications
  • Cable Protectors
  • Splices (Metal-to-Metal Pressure Sealing)
  • Wellhead Feed-Thru (Penetrator)
  • Metal to Metal Sealing Accessories